Building a Guillemot

Building an Iain Oughtred 11ft 6in Guillemot dinghy

Water Craft magazine article

Kathleen was on show at Beale Park and the Thames Traditional Boat Festival during the summer, and finished her year with a full article on her construction in the Jan-Feb … Continue reading

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Kathleen is sold and gone

I never sailed her last year, and a young family from Southampton bought her on Saturday. They’ve had her out on the river Hamble already, so she has gone to … Continue reading

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Kathlene for sale

March 2018 I haven’t really been able to sail Kathlene over the last two years, so I have decided to sell her on to another owner. Asking price £2,000 to … Continue reading

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Kathleen in demand

I’ve carved a name board for little Kathleen. I’m pleased with it. I’ve never carved letters before and I just did these freehand. She is named after my old Auntie … Continue reading

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Beale Park Boat Show 2016

Kathleen will be on show at the Beale Park Boat show on June 3, 4 and 5 at the Amateur Boat Building Awards display. Who knows, she might even win … Continue reading

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She floats! (And leaks…)

Took her down to the cotswold water park and finally launched her. And she works. Easy to row, although longer oars would be better and I need to fit foot … Continue reading

14th April 2016 · 1 Comment


I’ve got a trailer from a friend, who has given up sailing. It hasn’t moved for ten years and the tyres are very dodgy. Towing it home was tense… One … Continue reading

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Raising sail

The wind died down, so I yanked the cradle outdoors, threaded the halyard through the hole at the top of the mast (yes, I remembered) and hauled up the sail. … Continue reading

22nd February 2016 · 5 Comments

Building the rig.

The bamboo arrived and is all very good. I have two spares if I need them, although I might use one as a punt pole on my big boat. I … Continue reading

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Sail delivered

And it looks good. So I’ve ordered the bamboo for the spars. I’ve ordered four lengths so hopefully I will at least have a choice of sticks, if not some … Continue reading

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